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The daily grind of work and other obligations in life can send any couple into a serious rut. Whether you are dating someone special, or if you just want to get away from the kids with your husband or wife, a romantic vacation may be just what the doctor ordered to spark up an otherwise mundane love life. Selecting the perfect romantic travel destinations is the first step to planning the ideal vacation for you and the one you love.Tahiti.
This is the biggest in a collection of over one hundred islands, and it is truly an oasis for lovers. Located in the heart of the South Pacific, this tropical paradise boasts authentic huts with all the benefits of five-star hotels. The allure of the jungle is the perfect backdrop for island love, and a walk on any of the beaches in Tahiti is nothing short of spectacular.Gatlinburg, Tennessee.
Gatlinburg is a seasonal favorite of couples in the Deep South. It is where many go to renew their wedding vows, take that second honeymoon, or simply get away on a laid-back weekend for two. The Great Smokey Mountains intensifies the log cabin appeal of Gatlinburg, and the view of the mist around their majestic peaks is sure to set the mood. Walks on the Riverwalk and dinners at a wide variety of unique country restaurants and inns is just icing on the cake. Paris, France.
There is no need for explaining why Paris makes the cut. In fact, it is safe to say that Paris is featured in most “Top Romantic Travel Destinations” compilations. Paris is often dubbed as the capital city of romance, with sights such as the Eiffel Tower, amazing architecture, and world-famous museums. Sip your cappuccino in a sidewalk caf with your partner and lazily watch the people as they bustle by, and thank heavens you decided to vacation in the city built for lovers.Aspen, Colorado.
Aspen is a known haven for skiers, but it is also a prime location for your romantic getaway for two. The cozy ski lodges and hot nightlife make this a perfect spot for couples. Resorts that boast all-inclusive romance packages complete with all the amenities and the backdrop of freshly fallen snow is enough to get any couple in the mood.Malta.
Malta, a small island right at the heart of the Mediterranean, offers many romantic getaway locations. Gozo, which is Malta’s sister island is dubbed as the “island where time stood still”. Here you will find small, traditional Gozitan villages, surrounded by unspoilt countryside views and landscapes. Gozo is also home to beautiful, secluded beaches and fantastic diving sites.A trip to any old place can make a decent romantic getaway for a couple. However, if you and your partner choose a location from the best romantic travel destinations, then that decent vacation will become nothing short of extravagant, and you will both bring home memories that will last for years to come.